Benefits of studying Arabic overseas

To be completely honest, I’ve been doing the bareee minimum for the past few weeks when it comes to my Arabic studies. I think a lot of us have been feeling a little 💩 lately with everything that’s going on in the world due to covid-19 and I just don’t have the mental and emotional capacity to do more. 

The good thing though is that I’m still consistently going to classes, not because I want to right now, but because that part of my life is automated here and I don’t have to ask myself every morning if I want to learn or not. 

I’m here now. We’ve already paid our aeroplane tickets. Renovated the apartment. Paid the visa and school registration. There is no. turning. back. It doesn’t matter if I’m feeling unmotivated to learn, I’ll still drag my ass there everyday because I literally don’t have any other option but to do so.

Let’s compare that to when I was back home in Melbourne, where I had to make that decision to do my online Arabic classes every week. My classes competed with Netflix, hanging at the park and seeing my family. As I’m lazy and sooo good at making excuses, 9/10 times I chose to do anything else but my classes. It was just so easy and risk free to say no.

This is why I encourage studying Arabic overseas rather than locally, if you’re able to do so. The biggest pros are:

  • You can really focus on your studies without the distractions back home.
  • You invested so much money, time and energy to get to that new country that you’ll be forced to just stick it out even when you don’t want to.
  • Your learning is not dependent on how lazy, unmotivated and tired you may be feeling at any point. And trust me, shaytan loves to make you feel that way the more you strive for Allah’s sake. You lift that burden of having to make that decision for yourself by automating it.
  • Even if you do still skip classes, you’re going to quickly feel regret and a little bit silly that you came all the way there just to do nothing. Plus you won’t have any family, friends to distract you from your guilt. 
  • All the usual things you gain from travelling like being exposed to different cultures and ways of life and meeting different types of people.

Take this as honest advice for learning Arabic. I’m not here because I’m an amazing, dedicated student of knowledge or special in any way. I’m doing this because I’m a lazy potato who’s trying to find ways around her potato-ness.

(Also please don’t ask me where I study as I don’t want to recommend the place until I’ve actually done the whole course. If you’re interested in studying in Malaysia, EAG Academy is worth looking into).

– your sis Nis

Our ustath (teacher) teaching us sarf- the science of morphology, or how letters are combined to make words.

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