Visualising the moment I finally understand the Quran

I learn Arabic because I crave connection with my Creator, it really is as simple as that. Sadly, feeling that way is not always enough to actually motivate me to learn. It wasn’t until I understood the importance of creating a vision for my life that I started to imagining a better future for myself. A vision is a dream of your ideal life. You have to literally paint the picture in your head until it feels almost tangible.

So I wrote down the exact moment I want to experience in vivid detail. I want to go to the mosque, understand what is being recited and pray like I’m actually conversing with Him. I imagine the warmth of tears running down my eyes. The comfort of my head against the carpet in sujood. My heart pulsating to the words of my Creator. When I visualise it, when I think about what it will look like, what it will sound like, feel like- I start to crave it, and moreso, I know that sitting on my hands won’t give me what I want. 

Your imagination is so important and more powerful than you realise. Create a vision that gives you goosebumps. It will help get you though the doubts and the difficulties you’ll face when you can just close your eyes for a moment and just dream.

I wrote a handy guide for you to create your own vision here.

Till next time,

Anisa, aka your sis Nis.


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