Manifesting my vision: We created the Breeze Collection 🍃

Alhamdulillah I’ve achieved one of my goals in my vision to live in a world that is harmony with the environment and all people: I created my first collection that was ethically made at our new manufacturers in Turkey and uses more environmentally friendly fabric than what we’ve used previously. 

The Breeze Collection is specifically designed for women going on hajj/umrah, as well as everyday wear in the warmer weather. You can find out about it here.

The Breeze Collection: An Abaya, Tunic & Wide Leg Pants


Having a vision has made my work (or should I say my ikigai!) a lot clearer and easier as I can now be guided by my values rather than the stress of keeping up with trends, the pressure to be “cool” and “fashionable” or grow the business quickly that is common in the retail industry. I took those things that used to make me feel inadequate and sucked the life out of my work and thew it out the window, so now I just focus on what matters to me by creating my own definition of success and happiness: to be able to go to sleep knowing that I’ve tried to take care of the environment and the people that make my clothes.


Perhaps I would have been embarrassed before to put out a collection with just 3 pieces but now I don’t give a hoot and I’m actually super proud of myself because our aim was to reduce our environmental footprint by reducing the number of designs, whilst maximising its use and versatility for our customers and we did. just. that. 

That’s why I really want you all to have a vision. It feels so darn good to do meaningful work, to feel completely aligned and to honour who you are and what  makes your heart flutter! I just want everyone else to feel the same way ❤️

– your sis Nis


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