I don’t quit because I don’t do things for them

One of the best things about having a vision is the self acceptance and focus on Allah you gain from carving your own path in life. 

I’ve wanted to quit what I’m doing in life  many times because of the actions and attitudes of others. Like everyone, I’ve been disappointed and lacked the support I needed. People don’t appreciate how much effort you’re putting in. It’s thankless work and you feel like no one cares about you. Every time my ego wanted to say “stuff them and stuff this!” I would remember why I do what I do in the first place, calm myself and purify my intentions. 

I don’t quit because I don’t do things for them. Ultimately I do it for Allah and I do it for myself. My vision allows me to create a force field that bounces off the negativity I come across by focusing on my relationship with Allah. It makes me feel safe knowing that He’ll never disappoint me.  He’s the only One who truly Sees me and Knows me.

It also allows me to be happy with myself because I’m doing what’s important to me. It wouldn’t matter if the whole world didn’t give a hoot, you learn to love yourself each time you say to yourself “yeah, I did that”. 

When you focus on your vision and leave people’s opinions of you to the side, your self worth grows regardless of whether others recognise it or not.

So don’t complicate your vision- just do what pleases Him and do what fulfills you and you’ll be more than fine. 

– your sis Nis


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