Value your creativity

One of the main reasons I started ‘your sis nis’ was the need to have a creative outlet outside of what I usually do day to day. Writing up a blog post, making graphics, or compiling photos and videos is a fun and playful way for me to exercise my imagination and express myself freely.   

I think we’re all creative in some way, but as we get older, a lot of us are told by our educators, our institutions we look up to, and our employers to ditch our creativity and think logically and methodically in order to function within a system assigned to us. 

But where would the world be without the ability to imagine, innovate and create? Creativity is what pushes us out of the box. Creativity is what opens up realms of limitless possibilities. In a word where you  feel pressure to conform and obey, creativity is rebellious in nature and allows us to imagine different realities with a blank canvas and no rules.

So whether it’s reading novels or looking at art or cooking up new recipes, don’t undermine your creativity just because it doesn’t make money or because others don’t value it. 

The future is shaped by the dreamers and followed by the doers. 

Which would you rather be? 

– Anisa, aka your sis Nis

YSN quote2

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