The beginning

This year I’ve made the decision to give EMAAN, a business that I’ve managed for 4 yeas now, a complete revamp which I speak about in detail in my interview here. This revamp is more than just about my work at EMAAN, it’s a culmination of 10 years (since leaving high school) of experimenting and discovering what my place in the world is. 

My work in this new chapter of EMAAN will hopefully be the first of many milestones in a greater vision that I have for myself to use business & entrepreneurship to uplift our community and make the world a better place. It sounds corny but I have honestly never felt so content, so aligned and so at peace with who I am. For the first time in my life I have created an opportunity for myself that I love to do to the point that it doesn’t feel like work, something that the world needs and suits my strengths and skills.

Watch the interview on our Youtube channel: Emaan Official

I have spent so much of my time frustrated that I can’t find my ‘thing’, feeling insecure as I constantly compared myself to others and lost about what direction to take. But the moment I relaunched EMAAN, I felt like every part of me clicked into place and I look ahead with so much clarity now. 

I don’t worry about my future. I’m not even worried about whether EMAAN will be successful after this revamp because I no longer tie my success and happiness over material things like having a business. The serenity I feel comes from knowing that all I have to do in life is to constantly pursue my vision. I just need to have the right intentions and give it a go, and leave the results with Allah.

I’m going to document my journey here as it helps me to organise my thoughts and is my form of self-care: I want to make up for years of self-loathing by celebrating myself and embracing my life for what it is. And maybe one day insha Allah I can gift this record of my journey to my future children to show them that they’ll find their way too. 

The visioning workshop by Sheikh Sajid Umar was what helped bring me to this point and when I have time I will share what I have learnt with you, especially for those who also feel a bit ‘stuck’.

In the meantime I would love for you to watch this video and if you think what we’re doing is important, please share it! Please comment on it with your thoughts! ONWARDS AND UPWARDS WE GO! YEُُُُُEEEEEHAAAAAAA BISMILLAHHHH!!!

Much love x

Anisa, aka your sis Nis

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