Review: Kedai Satay

Melbourne Muslim is a series of Muslim friendly things do, see and eat in the best city in the world that I get to call home, recommended by yours truly 🤗 …

Kedai Satay is possibly the best Indonesian food in the CBD. I’ve tried others and this seems to taste the most authentic to Indonesian cuisine and is very reasonable in price and portion.

TRY: You can’t go past their chicken satay. It’s better than a lot of the satay I’ve had in Indonesia (yeah I said it!) The grilled chicken salad is also delicious. (both pictured). If you have peanut allergies be wary of what you choose as a lot of items will have peanut sauce.

HALAL? Yes. Please note that they serve alcohol.


Their prices are really decent, especially for food in the CBD.

AMBIENCE: It is packed with people during lunchtime with office workers around the CBD so try to come a bit earlier. Avoid going there on Thursday/Friday/weekend nights. It’s on King Street which attracts a lot of unsavoury types of people and behaviour and there’s a gentleman’s club right opposite it so you might feel a little uncomfortable.

Kedai Satay on King Street

SERVICE: Okay, no-fuss. However, they often don’t have the less popular menu options available.

Find out more about Kedai Satay here. 

Get directions to it and read other reviews here.

Also check out: Es Teler 77 at the Emporium food court. The portions are generous given the price. My favourites are the classic Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng.



Who else loves Indonesian food? Let me know in the comments below 🇮🇩

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– your sis Nis

Chicken satay with peanut sauce
Grilled chicken egg salad

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