Laughing in jannah

What else can I console you with,

other than to tell you that you will be laughing in Jannah

whilst those who hurt you will realise they lost in both worlds.


What more can I tell you

except that Allah has answered your prayers

and you will be reunited with the people you lost

with the unborn child and your parents who were taken from you

while those that oppressed you

will run away from their accomplices

and hate each other

for the evil they incited between them


How else could I comfort you

except to tell you that you will be rewarded

for your trust and patience in Allah

when you could have easily lost hope


What more can I say?

except that there’ll be a day

that you will giggle and tell me:

you don’t know what I’m talking about.





These are just hazy memories of a distant life

that was long, long ago.


Just wait for the day

when you laugh with those you thought you lost.

reclining on your thrones

like nothing ever happened.


Nothing can bring me as much comfort 

than the thought of hearing your laughter in jannah.


– your sis Nis



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