Review: Mossery Planner

My diary is probably the most important thing I invest in each year. I’ve been using one consistently since I started uni and now I can’t imagine living without one. It’s really helped me organise and prioritise my commitments, which ultimately helps me to achieve my goals.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of finding the best diary for my needs and found this one by Mossery which I’ve been using for the last 3 years now.

This is why I love it: (excuse me while I geek out on stationary for a moment…)

VERTICAL PLANNER: The vertical/time format help you organise your activities throughout the day. It’s great for someone who likes to do things in a certain order each day.

They also have a horizontal format which is what most diaries use. The horizontal format is suitable for those who are less regimental with their days. It’s task based so it’s good for people who don’t mind what order they get through their to-do list for that day, as long as it gets done!

Mossery planner1
The vertical format is great for those who like to do things in a certain order throughout the day

IT’S CUTE: If I’m going to look at this thing everyday then it better be nice to look at. I love the fonts, colours, illustrations. It’s just so nice on the eyes 😍

IT’S PERSONALISED: For those that like something unique and tailored to them, they have different cover options AND you can personalise it with your name!

IT MOTIVATES ME: I’m that sucker who loves motivational quotes and this diary gives you one every week. It also has a section where you can write your values/beliefs as an affirmation of who you are and what you stand for.


SPACE TO DREAM: It starts off with a little story to inspire you to do great things plus there is plenty of blank grid pages to scribble, draw and brainstorm.

TIP: Make a group order with your other organised/stationary geek friends if you want to skip the shipping, which is what I do every year!

See some photos of my Mossery planner below and get your very own here


Another favourite is The Datekeeper by local Australian talent Bianca Cash. I haven’t used it myself but these are super cute and minimal and I am drooling over the colours! Drool here.

I’ve also recently come across Anatomy customised planners. You can build your planner from their cover and format options and they look super sleek and professional.

(This is not a sponsored post)

Let’s get organised folks!

– your sis Nis

mossery 2
Be inspired by famous figures throughout history
mossery 3
Commit to your values/beliefs
the necessary back sleeve to put all your random stuff in that you’ve collected throughout the year

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