Review: Tetsujin Sushi Train

Melbourne Muslim is a series of Muslim friendly things do, see and eat in the best city in the world that I get to call home, recommended by yours truly 🤗 …

If you’re feeling peckish and in the city then try out Tetsujin Sushi Train on the 4th level of Emporium. You can take what you want from the train or choose from the touchscreen menu in front of you. 

sushi train
Select from the train in front of you or from the touchscreen menu

TRY: My favourite is the soft shell crab hand roll.

HALAL? The meat is not halal. If you like seafood you’ll have enough options.

PRICE: $-$$

It’s priced per plate. The plates are priced based on their colour so you can ask how much each coloured plate is beforehand. The price is decent but it’s easy to get a bit too excited with all the sushi literally sliding around you, so be careful not to take too much or you’ll soon blow your budget. Decide how many plates of sushi you want first and stick to that. 

AMBIENCE: Nice natural light, clean, single and group seating. Long lines during lunchtime so try to come a before noon. A great place to show off Melbourne to your friends 😉

SERVICE: Efficient.

Let me know in the comments if you try out Tetsujin! More info can be found here.

I also post these recommendations on my instagram @yoursisnis, so you can follow me there if instagram is more your thing 🙂

– your sis Nis

sushi train 2

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