Why do we feel empty when Ramadan is over?

Why do we feel empty when Ramadan is over?

It’s because our soul yearns for nearness to its Creator, and so it can only be nourished with our acts of worship. Instead, we deprive it as we seek to fulfil our desires, caress our egos, and give free reign to the part of us that is inclined to selfishness and excess. You think you’ve got your whole life together- but internally you’re a mess.

When we fast, we stop and realise just how fragile we are, how little we become when we our most basic needs of food and drink are stripped away. You refrain from ill speech and actions so that your nafs is starved of the evil that it fed off and it can finally focus on the only thing that it was actually created for- to worship Allah.

And that’s why we feel so uplifted in Ramadan. Your whole being is transformed as your tongue, your mind, and your limbs are in complete submission to Allah, and when you do that, you allow your soul to rise above the temptations and shackles of this world and fly high like a kite as it seeks nearness to its Creator.

Ramadan embraces you like that warm, squishy hug you need sometimes as it puts you back together again. It trains you for 30 days to live according to you true purpose in life is, and when it’s time- it departs.

If you don’t want to feel sad that Ramadan is over, then continue to do those acts of Ibadah so your soul can continue to fly high like a kite. Your body and this life is just its temporary house- but it longs to go back home. 

Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum. May Allah accept from us and from you.

– Eid Mubarak from your sis Nis


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