The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell
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I first discovered Malcolm Gladwell through his podcast ‘Revisionist History’ and so I had a really good feeling that his books would be good, just by the way he presents each episode.

The Tipping Point is well worth the read and would be relevant to everyone, as his ideas of how the ‘tipping point’ can be achieved and what factors are involved can be applied to absolutely everything in life, which is evident in the scope and range of cases he uses to present his argument.

I can now apply what I’ve learnt in this book to my business, to my relationships, to the causes I care about- because it really helps you understand basic human behaviour, it shows you how influential and persuasive people work their magic, and tells you why some things go viral and explode with popularity, and why other things falter.

The basic premise is this: The most subtle, little things in life matter. A lot.

You could probably summarise his ideas into a few pages as many have done (like here for instance) but I appreciate that he went at lengths to give evidence to back up each case study. It was also very easy to read and understand, I’m usually a slow reader but I somehow finished it in 2 days. I found myself skimming some pages when he’d get too nitty gritty in the details that I found a bit boring, but try your best to stick with it because you WILL learn so much!

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Happy reading folks! Let me know what you thought of The Tipping Point in the comment section!

🌞 your sis Nis

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