What is your sis nis?

I’m always thinking about my life and the way I should be living it.

I ask myself questions like:

What is my purpose in life?

Am I living up to my potential?

Am I prioritising the right things?

Am I really living life to the full?

I’m sure everyone asks themselves these questions as well, but I wonder if we ask them often enough, if we take time out regularly to reflect on them, and if we are honest with our answers.

I say we need to be honest with our answers to life, because the way we live as a society lacks honesty, and the truth is becoming harder to accept. I’m talking about being true to Allah (God), The Creator of the heavens and earth, who created you and I. We can be terribly forgetful of the fact that He is Al-Badi, The Originator, Ar-Razzaq, The Sustainer and Al-Muhyi and Al-Muhit, The Giver of Life and The Taker of Life.

These names don’t weigh our tongues down. Instead, what we uphold as “the good life” is void of being conscious of Allah, and not being true to yourself as a creation of your Lord who has given you the most dynamic, perfect and beautiful template to living with Islam.

Regardless of whether you already know all this or not, it’s still easy to be confused about what do in life when there are so many paths you could take. We often get caught in the crowd going in one direction, even if we know deep down that the other less trodden path is the right one. But clarity comes from remembering that all paths lead back to Allah.

So if you’re confuddled about what job to take, how to spend your money or who to marry, the one question you ALWAYS NEED to ask is- “What path would be most pleasing to Allah?”

You then need to be ready to accept and live by that answer.  maze2

Life is part planning, part trial and error, part evolving and learning, but 100% of it is Allah’s decree. Meaning, do your best in life- but leave the outcome with Allah, and be content with whatever He has already written for you. (I have to say though, this is easier said than done).

So how should we live?

It doesn’t mean isolating yourself from this world and its spoils, it means living with balance.

It doesn’t mean not “having a life”. It means finding goodness in this world and mapping out your life so that each piece of it- your work, studies, relationships, hobbies, wealth and health etc- are investments in the hereafter.

And it certainly doesn’t mean being average. It’s about knowing your value in the eyes of Allah and being the best version of yourself by unleashing all that unrealised potential for greatness inside of you. Whether that be greatness as a student, a mother or a worker, and ultimately a Muslim.

It’s about trying to live your best life- in light of the hereafter.     

‘your sis nis’ is a platform for me to answer these questions by looking into my own life. I hope that it’ll help me makes sense of my own journey, and open up the conversation for you to reflect on yours.

I’m not a life guru, and most certainly don’t know any more than the next person. And I’m not here to teach. I’m here as your sister- your cheerleader on the side who supports and encourages you, someone who lifts you up and empowers you to make the right decisions.

I want to inspire you to live your full potential as an amazing creation of Allah ready to inherit jannah (paradise). I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and reach higher. Most of all, I want you to know that I empathise with you.

Lastly, remember to always take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone- Allah is orchestrating this weird and wonderful thing called life, and I sincerely pray that in His Mercy, He will allow you to live up to your true purpose.

Much love,

Anisa aka your sis Nis



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