Random things about your sis Nis

I should probably introduce myself to my followers who don’t know me:

I’m Anisa- but you can call me Nis. A few things about me:

  1. I’m 26 and really don’t want to be 27 or any number after that.

2. I am nothing without Allah. I’m constantly in awe of how amazing His deen is and I wish everyone could experience it.

3. Allah has blessed me with more than I’ve ever deserved and the biggest blessing is my family.

4. I love living in Melbourne and I’m a bit snobby about it (“Oh you’re from Sydney? That’s nice…”)

5. I’m interested in too many things and can never choose just one thing to focus on. Currently I’m into business & entrepreneurship, community work, political activism and learning Arabic. I’m like a bag of skittles.

6. I love being surrounded by flowers, they make me happy. Succulents are so cute and I have a little family of them on my balcony.

7. My favourite movies are The Little Princess, The Little Rascals and The Breakfast Club. My actual favourite movie is Parent Trap.

8. I think too hard and cry very easily.

9. I’ve got the worst case of RBF. I actually tell myself to un-frown my face when I’m out so people don’t think I’m perpetually pissed off. So if I look upset don’t worry- I’m most likely thinking happy thoughts and rainbows and unicorns.

10. I have a big heart that has difficulty seeing the line between being caring enough and caring too much about things and people in my life.

11. I have a passion for all Indonesian food. Soto ayam is LIFE.

12. I’m my own worst critic, but also my own hero.

13. The two life skills I have not being able to master at a decent-enough level is cooking and keeping fit. If I could be good at both I could probably do anything after that.

14. My favourite drink is orange juice WITH pulp. It hurts my heart when I see orange juice in the supermarket without pulp. Like why would you do that?!

15. I find it hard to deal with change, especially change from within.

16. My rapper name is Tenacious A. I don’t rap.

17. I like watching kids and the funny things they do and say, I think it’s because they have no understanding of social norms and mannerisms- it’s so fascinating.

18. I love colour. Oh and I love stripes. I’m a little obsessed with navy blue, electric blue, and mustard yellow at the moment. You’ll know when I’m obsessed when I start wearing these colours every damn day.

19. Sometimes I do a little dance after I wake up because I’m excited about the day ahead of me.

20. I always trust my gut 110%. Unless it goes against the teachings of Islam, then it means I need to get my gut checked.

21. I like people who break from any kind of conformity. Everyone has a bit of cooky-ness. Some choose to hide it and others embrace it. I’m somewhere in between.

22. If it’s a nice day and I’ve got time- you best believe I’ll be on my bike.

23. I believe everyone was born with some form of greatness and I often wonder what my potential is.

Can you relate to any of these?

Comment below so I know there are other random sultanas like me in the world! 😄

-your sis Nis

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